New Design Porcelain

Color Plate

Item No。: P004-Color
Size : 6'', 7'', 8'', 9'', 10'', 10.5'', 11'', 12'' inch
Material:  Porcelain, New Bone
Color: Gray
Product Advantages

Firing :   1350 degree firing with high Aluminium.
Clay:       High quality natural material from south China.
Glazing:  Any Color with international standard.
Decal:     Any color including golden, silver,embossed and stacker.

Product Description

Item Code:          P004-Color
Item Size:            6'', 7'', 8'', 9'', 10'', 10.5'', 11'', 12''  inch
HS Code:             6911101900
Color:                   White, Super White, Creamy white, Normal White, Custom printing, decal pattern, Golden, silver, coppery
Material:             Porcelain, New Bone
Brand:                 Eurohome, OEM ,ODM
Certificates:       CE, EU,FDA, LFGB, CA65,RUSH
Grade:                 AA,AB
Origin:                 Chaozhou, Guangdong, China
Price term:         EXW,FOB,CIF,DDP
Payment:            TT,LC,Western Union
Lead time:          30 days for prodcution; 3 days for stocks
Sample offer:    10-25 days for custom samples
Use for :
              Hotel, Restaurant, Home, Airline, Banquet hall, Buffet, Cafe, Bar, Wedding, Coffee shop, Mall, Leisure venues, Casinos,Public                                                                                                                                                      sector(Education,Health,Government establishments), Center,Event © All Rights Reserved.    POWERED BY UEESHOP
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